Slice of Real Life

October in Review

Hey, everyone! Believe it or not, October has come and gone, and November is upon us at last 🙂 And we have had some fantastic baking going on here! Let’s take a little stroll down (recent) memory lane…

This month was filled with delicious banana-baking as we tackled Banana Chocolate Chip Cinnamon Rolls and Healthy Double Chocolate Muffins– the latter of which are a twist on our Banana Bread Mini Muffins. This stuff is… well, bananas! Just look at these drool-worthy photos!

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Slice of Real Life

Slice of Real Life #2

It’s that time of month again! You know, when I haven’t baked anything for you, but instead choose to chat about life. Hey, it’s my website, I get to make the rules.

So, what’s new over here? You may have noticed Cookies and Caitlyn got a much-needed makeover a couple weeks ago (complete with a new comment section!!), and that I finally figured out how to categorize recipes! That is the result of a lot of late nights and me yelling “I HATE COMPUTERS” while hitting my head against my laptop. I would like to take this time to formally thank my roommates for not kicking me out during this time in our lives.

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Slice of Real Life

Slice of Real Life

Greetings from a girl who is currently trying to un-cramp her foot & type with one hand. Someone call 911.

I don’t have a recipe for you today, but rather a sort of chit-chat-type post. You all are kind enough to read my blog, it makes sense to be friendly with y’all, right? I hope this opens up the chance for us to interact a little more, even if it’s not about a specific recipe. Plus, I’m a college student, and just love sharing the strange quirks of college life with anyone who will listen.

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